Our Gems

We help grow impact companies

Innvotec has invested in over 200 investee companies over the past 35 years. Within this selected group of investee companies, our senior team carefully identifies potential 'gems' for corporate transactions, especially focusing on mergers and acquisitions, licensing agreements or other areas of collaboration.


Our Gems


UrbanStems is one of North Americas’ fastest growing online flower arrangement and gifting companies. UrbanStems works directly with Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms and invests in the people that work there to create a sustainable impact.


Fundment is building a next generation platform to support financial advisers. Authorized and regulated by the FCA, the company’s platform provides digital investment technology for discretionary fund management.


Emission Solutions (trading as EMSOL) created a platform that fuses air quality monitoring data with asset location data, analyzing and delivering insights to all site stakeholders enabling targeted actions and investments for improving the environment.


Vortex IoT is focused on delivering practical “Internet of Things” solutions into the Heavy Industry, Smart Infrastructure and Rail Infrastructure sectors where “off the shelf” solutions typically fail due to harsh conditions or power limitations. Through their leading technology, Vortex is helping organizations unleash the impact of real-time data and predictive analytics. They generate industry leading intelligence to help customers make smart decisions and life changing innovations.


Cognism is a sales acceleration platform using patented AI technology to provide B2B sales teams with a blend of real-time company, people and event data to streamline prospecting, find and deliver new revenue.


Zeel is an on-demand home massage app that lets users book massage therapists quickly and easily, sometimes in as little as an hour. Therapists can come to your home, office or meet you at a local hotel or gym. Payment is done online, with a tip automatically built

Olly's Olives

Olly’s Olives is the world’s first 100% natural, unpasteurized snack pouch of olives with no artificial additives or preservatives and using fresh ingredients. Unlike the vast majority of other snack olives on the market the fruit is not pasteurised so the olives retain their incredible colour, flavour texture and nutritional value. This is a healthy ‘on-the-go’ snack targeting busy, but health-conscious young professionals. Olly’s also provides a board range of naturally delicious Nuts and Pretzel thins snacks. 


Tapoly provides on demand insurance for freelancers, sole traders, contractors, home workers, equipment lenders and anyone else who is part of the sharing or gig economy. The company offers full stack insurance services – for businesses, employees, and freelancers. Using Tapoly’s services customers can protect offices and buildings as well as to get legal and professional indemnity coverage.

Coriolis Technologies

Coriolis Technologies supplies trade, trade finance and risk data to its clients in banking, trade credit insurance, the corporate world, Government policy and academia. Its Data as a Service business model is based on machine learning and AI. This approach brings in data from macroeconomic, company, customs and excise sources and combines it with data from logistics companies, ports, and shipping companies. It cleans and standardises the data to provide real time, accurate trade and trade finance flows and indices delivered via an easy-to-use interface.


Ascendant is an innovative hospitality tech and consumer travel products for Pakistan and the growing economies of the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia. There are three main products offered by the company – Ascendant offers hotel operations and online distribution software to hotels (B2B), Roomph provides branded budget hotels and private accommodation (B2C), BookGuru offers a complete online and mobile booking platform for travel — flights, hotels, train/bus tickets, car rental (B2C).


AirEx have created the world’s first smart air brick to reduce the home’s energy bills, helping to end fuel poverty and climate change with a simple building retrofit.


SeeQuestor harnesses world-leading AI technology and super-computing power to turn terabytes of CCTV video into actionable intelligence.


AMFG provides MES and workflow software that empowers organisations to manage and scale their additive manufacturing processes


Innvotec’s expertise is also deployed across a well selected range of international SPAC projects, consisting of advisory services and strategic partnerships. Innvotec’s experience and network coupled with regional partners make an attractive exit opportunity for high- quality management teams and business owners.